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  1. Women and the Future of Work - Call for papers

    ILO issues a call for research on Women and the Future of Work in Asia and the Pacific

    14 September 2017

    The ILO, sponsored by the Australian Government’s Department of Employment, has launched a call for research papers to examine the opportunities and challenges of the future at work for women (Deadline: 15 September 2017; Due date extended to Monday, 18 September 2017).

  2. Press release

    Shaping the 4th Decent Work Country Programme for Sri Lanka

    25 August 2017

    The ILO Country Office is about to embark on an involved and inclusive process that will lead to a new ILO Decent Work Country Programme (DWCP) 2018-2022 for the country.

  3. Vacancy notice

    Internship Opportunity : Communications

    22 August 2017

    The International Labour Organisation is looking for a dynamic individual to work an an intern in the field of communication and public information. The intern will gain experience in the planning and implementation of activities designed to raise awareness of the work of the ILO, and to promote support for, and better understanding of, its aims and programmes.

  4. Global Commission on the Future of Work

    ILO launches Global Commission on the Future of Work

    21 August 2017

    In the presence of the Prime Minister of Sweden and the President of Mauritius, the ILO has launched a high-level international body to address the challenges of the rapidly transforming world of work.

  5. Future of Work Initiative

    ILO to establish Global Commission on the Future of Work

    16 August 2017

    On 21 August, the Prime Minister of Sweden and the President of Mauritius will launch the new international body during a high-level event in Geneva.

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    Youth employment

    How to get more young people into better jobs

    10 August 2017

    New ILO book focuses on the global challenge of youth unemployment and proposes policies to create more decent jobs for young women and men.

  7. Publication

    Labour Market Trends and Skills Profiles of Srilankan Migrant Workers in the Construction Industry in GCC Countries

    09 August 2017

    This report specifically focuses on skills of migrant workers, in particular in the construction sector. Based on a trend analysis, the report reveals that there is an extensive gap in the skills that are supplied and those that are in demand. This issue has two dimensions. First, there is an overall shortage in the supply of labour from Sri Lanka. Second, the migrants do not have the skill-sets or qualifications that are in demand. The report further lays out possible factors that are exacerbating this gap and presents policy recommendations that address these identified factors.

  8. Event

    National Tripartite Consultation of the Sri Lanka Decent Work Country Programme Review (DWCP 2013-2017)

    National tripartite consultation workshop scheduled to take place on the 11th August 2017 at the Renuka Hotel from 8.45am – 1.00pm to share the preliminary findings of the review of DWCP 2013-2017

  9. Safe Labour Migration Programme in Sri Lanka

    Supporting improved governance of labour migration in Sri Lanka

    01 August 2017

    Currently in its third phase, the ILO Safe Labour Migration Programme in Sri Lanka contributes to promote safe and regular migration through improved policies and legal frameworks related to labour migration and better service provision to migrant workers and their families. The experiences of the planned interventions will feed and substantiate national, regional and global policy dialogue on Migration and Development.

  10. Event

    Inter- regional expert forum on Skills and Migration in the South Asia and Middle East Corridor.

    The two-day forum has presented new research and discussed the impact that skilling has on migrants’ wages and working conditions, and also the extent to which migrants are able to transfer their knowledge and skills after returning home from the Middle East.