'Know About Business’ (KAB) e-Campus

Introducing “Know About Business” (KAB) e-Campus to Sri Lankan Youth

Know About Business (KAB) is an entrepreneurship education programme developed by the -The KAB e-Campus, launched in June 2022, is targeted at Sri Lankan youth aged 15 – 24, and is part of the South Asia Leadership in Entrepreneurship (SALE) programme.

Feature | Colombo, Sri Lanka | 25 June 2022
The “South Asia Leadership in Entrepreneurship” (SALE) Programme was launched in both Sri Lanka and Nepal in September 2021. As one of its key interventions, SALE has planned to provide entrepreneurial awareness and skills development to youths, enabling them selecting entrepreneurship as a productive career choice. The main target groups are students in secondary schools, vocational training institutes and universities as well as school leavers and youth NEETs (not in employment, education or training). The SALE programme seeks to prepare young men and women for the transition from school to the world of work by letting them discover and develop entrepreneurial competencies and basic business management skills through a range of games and exercises. Know About Business (KAB) is an entrepreneurship education programme developed by the ILO to teach entrepreneurship in technical and vocational education and training institutions as well as in secondary and higher education institutions. The KAB e-Campus can provide access to 1000 students at once, so the ILO will provide the opportunity on the “first come- first serve” basis.

The programme is open to all Sri Lankan youth aged between 15 to 24 years!

Irrespective of your current status (whether in education, training, employment or unemployment) you can enroll in this online programme and acquire world-class training in a flexible and user-friendly distance learning mode. Upon completion you will receive an internationally recognized certificate issued by the International Training Center of the ILO (Turin, Italy).

Please note that access to the KAB e-Campus is limited to 1000 students per cohort, and therefore enrollment will be based on “first come- first serve” basis.

The KAB e-Campus will be launched on 15th July 2022, in commemoration of ‘World Youth Skills Day”.