1. Featured publication

    The ILO from Geneva to the Pacific Rim – West meets East

  2. Featured publication

    A la rencontre de l’Europe au travail
    Récits de voyages d’Albert Thomas (1920-1932)

    Sous la direction de D. Hoehtker et S. Kott, avec une préface de G. Ryder, Directeur général du BIT

  3. ILO Century Game

    In 2019 the ILO will celebrate its 100th anniversary. Although we know the ILO has a unique and long history, how much do we really know about its highlights and crises, innovations and changes, opportunities and setbacks? Test your knowledge and learn fascinating facts about ILO history at the click of a mouse.

  4. The ILO and the Quest for Social Justice

ILO Century Project

As part of the ILO RESEARCH department, the Century Project aims to expand and share historical knowledge on the World of Work and ILO’s role in changing political and economic circumstances. The project serves as a focal point on ILO history - inside and outside the organization. It monitors scholarly research worldwide, creates high quality products on ILO history and related fields, and contributes a historical perspective to the Future of Work Centenary Initiative.

Forthcoming publications

  1. The Centenary Publication

    100 years of ILO history

    The major output for the ILO’s Centenary will be an academic publication on the history of the ILO. Written by a renowned historian, Professor Daniel Maul (University of Oslo), the book will go well beyond the traditional institutional narrative and draw from the latest research.

  2. Academic publication

    Women’s ILO. Transnational Networks, Global Labour Standards and Gender Equity, 1919 to Present.

    The question of women workers has been on ILO’s agenda since 1919. This volume gathers newest scholarly research on the complex history of ILO’s activities for women workers. It does this by focussing on two major issues: On one hand the role of women’s organizations and networks in shaping ILO’s policies for women workers. And on the other hand, the way labour standards affecting women have been negotiated, applied and used by policy makers in various local constellations throughout history.

New research from our network

  1. In French

    Une traversée du siècle : Marguerite Thibert

    Françoise Thébaud, Une traversée du siècle : Marguerite Thibert. Femme engagée et fonctionnaire international (Paris: Belin, October 2017)

    Biography of French feminist Maguérite Thibert who worked for the ILO as a staff member and consultant between 1926 and 1966. It was published by Belin (October 2017), written by Françoise Thébaud.

  2. In English

    Domestic Workers of the World Unite!

    Jennifer Fish, Domestic Workers of the World Unite! A Global Movement for Dignity and Human Rights (New York: New York University Press, 2017)

    The story of the domestic workers engagement with the ILO leading up to the Domestic Workers’ Convention No.189 adopted in 2011.

  3. In Spanish

    Anuario del Instituto de Historia Argentina

    Special issue on the ILO and Latin America in the Anuario del Instituto de Historia Argentina (vol.17, No. 1, 2017).


  1. Meeting

    Centenary Publication Meeting

    March 2017

    Tor Egil Førland, Head of the Department of Archeology, Conservation and History, Kari Tapiola (ILO), Dorothea Hoehtker (ILO), Professor Daniel Maul and Erland Haavardsholm, Research officer (from left to right).