1. Featured publication

    Globalizing Social Rights: The International Labour Organization and beyond

    Focusing on the ILO, this collection brings together a variety of new scholarship by a group of highly qualified and internationally renowned scholars in the field of global history and the history of international organizations.

  1. ILO Century Game

    In 2019 the ILO will celebrate its 100th anniversary. Although we know the ILO has a unique and long history, how much do we really know about its highlights and crises, innovations and changes, opportunities and setbacks? Test your knowledge and learn fascinating facts about ILO history at the click of a mouse. Want to contribute? Send us your questions.

    1. The ILO Century Game is now available as a board game for 60 CHF. More info: Pubvente@ilo.org
  2. The ILO and the Quest for Social Justice

ILO Century Project

The ILO and its government, employer and worker constituents have a rich experience of social dialogue, setting and supervising international labour standards, promoting employment, social protection and fair conditions of work, and international cooperation for social justice.Towards the ILO Centenary in 2019, the aim of the Century Project is to illuminate the history of the world of work and its actors. Building on the experience of the past, it endeavours to forge alliances with partners around the world in the pursuit of social justice for all.
  1. Academic publication

    Adjudication And Institutionalisation Of The Portuguese System Of Industrial Relations: The Soft Law Of The International Labour Organization Procedures For Complaints And Representations


    ILO's role in the transformation and consolidation of Portuguese system of industrial relations.

  2. International Labour Conference, 67th session, June 1981, Lech Walesa (Worker


    Geneva International Cooperation highlights 65th Anniversary: Freedom of Association and Protection of the Rights to Organize Convention (C087)

    Geneva International Cooperation, which profiles the Canton of Geneva as a stage for international affairs marks the anniversary with a feature on the Convention’s history and highlights historical issues such as the case of Poland’s Solidarnosc trade union. Convention No. 87 was adopted by the International Labour Conference in 1948. It has since been ratified by 152 member States.

  1. Call for papers

    Work and Compulsion: Coerced Labour in Domestic, Service, Agricultural, Factory and Sex Work, ca. 1850-2000s

    25 - 28 September 2014
    Linz, Austria

    The International Conference of Labour and Social History (ITH), Austria, announces the 50th Linz Conference.  The conference focuses on the exploitation of human labour in the range of forced labour and debt bondage, which contrary to chattel slavery, have received little scholarly attention. In spite of the gradual abolition of slavery (understood as the legal ownership of humans) in the course of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, other forms of coerced labour persisted in most regions of the world.

  2. Event

    Workplace Rights to Constitutional Rights in South Africa

    14 November 2013
    Johannesburg, South Africa

    The ILO has facilitated a roundtable discussion to review the struggle against apartheid leading to the process of democratization and change in South Africa. Looking at the role the Organisation played throughout this period which eventually brought unions and employers together in challenging the apartheid state.