Women's ILO: Transnational networks, working conditions and gender equality

What role have women’s networks played inside and outside the ILO to improve working conditions for women and gender equality? How can we analyse the interaction between the national and the international level in the struggle to promote labour standards matching the needs of working women? What was the impact of ILO’s standards, technical cooperation programmes and research, especially in developing countries, in this regard? What impact did the Cold War have on ILO’s debate on working women? And finally, how has the ILO’s concern for domestic care and the informal economy broadened the concept of work?

Call for Papers, deadline 1 May 2013

During a two-day international workshop organized by the ILO Century Project and the European Institute of the University of Geneva, 12 gender specialists (historians, sociologists, economists and others) tried to answer these questions. They have shared their most interesting findings in a short interview.