Dominica now part of OECS Decent Work Sub-regional Programme

News | 25 March 2011
Dominica has become the last member of the OECS to sign onto the OECS Decent Work Sub-regional Programme. This follows an International Labour Organization tripartite workshop on 2-3 March 2011 in Roseau, Dominica, at which a country-specific programme was drawn up under the four overarching priorities of the OECS Decent Work Sub-regional Programme.

The OECS Decent Work Sub-regional Programme is designed to support efforts by tripartite constituents to promote and realize decent work in the OECS. The Decent Work Agenda was adopted by ILO’s tripartite constituents in 1999. It has four components: creating jobs, guaranteeing rights at work, extending social protection and promoting social dialogue.

Under each of these components, the constituents of the OECS region have chosen to focus on four priority areas: the revision and updating of national labour legislation; strengthening of labour market information systems; promotion of inclusive workplace policies on HIV/AIDS and also on persons with disabilities; and the strengthening of social dialogue.

In addressing participants at the opening of the workshop, Hon. Charles Savarin, Minister of National Security, Immigration and Labour, cited the recent efforts of the Government in promoting decent work for the citizens of Dominica. There have been the recent establishment of an Employment Agency in the Ministry of Trade and the appointment of the Technical and Vocational Education Council. There has been an increase in the number of labour inspections. Government has a commitment to engage in dialogue with employers’ and workers’ representatives. "These initiatives are all geared towards enhancing employment opportunities and working conditions for all Dominicans," said Minister Savarin.

Dominica has to date ratified 26 ILO Conventions. The Ministry of Labour and the Maritime Department are now fully engaged in a review of legislation as it relates to the ILO Maritime Labour Convention, 2006; and a review of 16 pieces of labour legislation is foreseen.

"Dominica is the last of the countries of the OECS to establish the Decent Work Country Programme and the Government of Dominica is delighted to again partner with the ILO and the social partners here in Dominica to develop such a programme which will certainly be beneficial to workers all across Dominica."