ILO in the Caribbean

  1. ILO Caribbean Newslink July-September 2015
  1. Practical guidelines for developing and implementing workplace policies and programmes on HIV and AIDS


  1. Last chance to enter ILO global media competition on labour migration

    17 November 2015

  2. © UN photo 2015

    Workers are becoming more educated, although not always finding suitable jobs

    16 November 2015

    The new edition of the ILO online reference tool analyses the link between education and access to the labour market.

  3. Caribbean Congress of Labour and Caribbean Employers’ Confederation agree to establish formal national bipartite forums

    09 November 2015

    Youth unemployment, TVET curriculum and strategy development, child labour, discrimination and freedom of association among key issues discussed


  1. Facilitating participation of CARIFORUM civil society in regional development and integration processes

    22 - 24 June 2015

    The Forum is part of the programme of activities under the European Union-funded Project entitled Challenges to CARIFORUM Labour, Private Sector and Employers to fulfil their EPA Obligations: Caribbean Employers’ Confederation (CEC) and the Caribbean Congress of Labour (CCL) Component of the Support to Facilitate Participation of CARIFORUM Civil Society in Regional Development and Integration Process.

  2. Training of tripartite constituents by Research Department

    21 - 29 May 2015

  3. Independent evaluation of the ILO’s decent work country programmes, strategies and actions in the Caribbean (2010-15)

    1 April - 31 July 2015

    The ILO is conducting an evaluation of the ILO’s decent work country programmes, strategies and actions in the Caribbean. The evaluation will be managed by the Evaluation Office in close coordination with the ILO DWT/CO-Port of Spain and the Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean (RO-Lima) DWT/CO- Port of Spain.