1. Trade union administration : a Caribbean workers' education guide

    30 September 2002

    This Manual captures the essentials for effective trade union administration in a modern environment and through exercises at the end of the chapters, seeks to reinforce on the trade union practitioner the importance of the approaches which have been highlighted.

  2. New Issues in Collective Bargaining A Caribbean Workers’ Education Guide

    30 September 2002

    Manual on new issues in collective bargaining. This publication is one in a series of Workers’ Educational Manuals that have been developed by the ILO Caribbean Office.

  3. Report of the Cooperative Workshop on "New Imperatives for Effective Cooperative Management”

    23 August 2002

    Report on the two-day workshop for Non-Financial Co-operatives

  4. Caribbean labour relations systems : an overview 1st Edition

    01 May 2002

    This book presents some current issues confronting governments and the social partners - representatives of trade unions and employers and their organizations.

  5. Final Report of the Fourth Meeting of Caribbean Labour Ministers, Barbados 2002

    30 April 2002

    This reports documents the proceedings of the Fourth Meeting of Caribbean Labour Ministers.


  1. Workers' Protection: The Case of Trinidad and Tobago

    01 September 2001

    The paper is the result a request by the ILO's tripartite constituents to carry out more research in order to determine the status of workers’ protection and to enhance the protection of workers working under conditions of “contract labour”.

  2. The role of cooperatives in poverty alleviation

    18 July 2001

    Paper presented at the 44th Annual International Convention/30th Annual General Meeting of the Caribbean Confederation of Credit Unions, St. Maarten, 18 July, 2001

  3. Creating and Sustaining Employment In Financial Co-Operatives – The case of City of Kingston (COK) Co-operative Credit Union Limited

    16 May 2001

    Financial cooperatives in Jamaica


  1. Caribbean Sub-Regional Conference of Ministers of Cooperatives - Final Report

    15 June 2000

    Proceeding of the first Caribbean Sub-regional Conference of Ministers of Cooperatives, organized by the Caribbean Confederation of Credit Unions (CCCU) and the International Labour Organization.

  2. Labour administration services in the Caribbean : a guide 1st Edition

    05 June 2000

    The guide gives an overview of key elements in labour administration and industrial relations.