International Youth Day 2020


Young people and their look to a future that is #postCOVID in Latin America and the Caribbean. What comes after the crisis? The International Labour Organization (ILO) is calling for an urgent conversation: we want to hear youth voices through social media and invite them to a large virtual meeting on August 12.

On International Youth Day (12 August 2020) in times of the pandemic, the ILO will host an important and urgent conversation for the future of societies in Latin America and the Caribbean about youth employment and decent work opportunities.

How do young people see their future of work? How has COVID-19 affected them? What are the main challenges they face in a post-COVID world? What tools and skills do they need to survive the crisis? How can we a build better normal that includes young people and nurtures their enormous potential?

These are questions that we must answer as part of the strategy to face an unprecedented crisis in this region.

To attend this conversation with interpretation in three languages (Spanish, English, Portuguese), please register as soon as possible at this link:

The event starts on 12 August at 5.00 pm Eastern Caribbean time.

Featured participants include:

  • Sigrid Bazán, Moderator, Peru
  • Vinícius Pinheiro, ILO Regional Director for Latin America and the Caribbean


  • Alice Caymmi, artist - singer, Brazil
  • Jameela Hollingsworth, Second Vice President, the Youth Development Council, Barbados
  • Santiago Cano, Global Shaper - One Young World, Colombia
  • Marysol Rodríguez, Industrial Organization of Argentina (UIA) Youth, Argentina,
  • Gustavo Padua, President, Working Youth Committee of the Americas (CJTA), Brazil
  • Max Trejo, Secretary General, International Youth Organization for Ibero-America (OIJ)

The ILO Regional conversation on International Youth Day, with young people and for young people, seeks to:

  • Discuss the future of youth work #postCOVID
  • Explore public policy alternatives: what young people are asking for
  • Good practices: what works for young people
  • Skills of tomorrow: education and training for a sustainable world
  • Entrepreneurship and empowerment: the future belongs to the young
  • Social dialogue: how to build a possible future

The ILO has highlighted that young people are among those who suffer the most from the social and economic consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic. Before COVID-19 there were already almost 10 million unemployed young people, six out of 10 were working informally, and about 23 million were without studying or working. And the situation has worsened.

The aftermath of this crisis will affect young people for years to come. They run the risk of becoming a "lockdown generation", characterized by the interruption of educational programs, loss of jobs, bankruptcy of businesses and collapse of their income.

But it is also a time to respond to challenges, to create new opportunities, and for young people to become the driving force of a new society.

How do you see your future of work?

#MyFutureofWork has arrived. The ILO Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean wants to hear the opinions of young people about the way forward. In all countries across the region, we are asking youth: How do you see your future of work in times of COVID-19?

The call is also for actors in the world of work and personalities from the region who want to make a contribution to #MyFutureofWork. What are your ideas on how young people can have a better future of work?

Send us your responses as video and audio messages (30 seconds or less) or brief written messages that will be broadcast from ILO Latin America and Caribbean websites and social networks on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.


Join the conversation!

Send your video or audio message (30 seconds or less) or brief written message NOW via Twitter | Facebook or email, and on August 12, join us for the event!