Virtual Roundtable (COVID-19 webinar series)

Termination of employment and the aftermath in times of COVID 19 and related legal issues

BACKGROUND: As a health measure to cope with COVID-19, governments in many cases order or recommend closure of workplaces. This measure inevitably leads to loss or decrease in income of affected shops, restaurants, factories and other establishments.

According to the new ILO Monitor, as of 27 May 2020, 20 per cent of the world’s workers lived in countries with required workplace closures for all but essential workers. An additional 69 per cent lived in countries with required workplace closures for some sectors or categories of workers, and a further 5 per cent lived in countries with recommended workplace closures.

This measure is impacting large shares of employers and workers.

Even without this measure, economic activities generally became lower and that too is affecting establishments. Facing economic and operational difficulties, companies apply measures to cut employment-related costs by terminating workers or suspending them.

On the policy side of the spectrum, governments throughout the world are engaged in providing a series of support measures for citizens, workers and employers. The shape, coverage and depth of those measures varies and so does the way they target newly dismissed workers or, more generally, jobless citizens.  

The roundtable will investigate further some of the issues arising from this situation, including legislative provisions under the umbrella of International Labour Standards.

Date and time

03 June 2020 @ 11.00 am Eastern Caribbean Time (ECT)

How to attend?

The event will take place via Zoom technology. You must pre-register to receive an invitation to attend .
The Zoom meeting room will open at 10.00 am (ECT) on 03 June 2020, one hour before the event starts, so that participants can join and iron out any connectivity issues.

Participants will be able to post their questions and comments to the panelists via CHAT option only (microphones will be disabled).

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