Mr. Joni Musabayana
Mr. Lars Johansen
Deputy Director


Ms. Maria Victoria Giulietti
Senior Specialist, Employers' Activities
Ms. Ilca Webster
Specialist, Skills and Lifelong Learning
Ms. Nancy Varela
Specialist, Social Dialogue and Labour Administration
Ms. Vera Guseva
  Specialist, Workers' Activities
Mr. Abdelmalik Muhummed
Specialist, Employment and Labour Market Policies
Mr. John Bliek
Specialist, Enterprise, Cooperatives and Rural Development
Mr. Shingo Miyake
Specialist, Labour Law and International Labour Standards
Ms. Joana Borges Henriques
Specialist, Social Protection and
Occupational Safety and Health


Ms. Ronetta Louis
Executive Assistant
(Recruitment in progress)
Operations Assistant
Ms. Angela Colley
Operations Assistant

Finance, Personnel and Administration

Ms. Jennifer Jones-Morales
Senior Operations Officer
Ms. Karen Lara-Augustinen
Senior Finance Assistant
Ms. Coreen David
Senior Operations Assistant
Ms. Luenda Burke
Temporary Senior Operations Officer
Kaliyma Boxill
Office Support Clerk
Mr. Steve Mayers
Senior Driver

Information Unit

Ms. Shireen Cuthbert
Communications and Information
Management Officer
Ms. Abi-Gail Toussaint
Communications and Information
Management Assistant
Suzanne Joseph
Senior Information Technology Assistant

Programme Unit

Ms. Ingerlyn Caines-Francis
Senior Programme Officer
Ms. Lesley-Ann Nelson
Programme Assistant

Project Staff

Ms. Resel Melville
National Project Coordinator, Consolidating the Progress of the Regional Initiative Latin America and the Caribbean Free of Child Labour
Ms. Ayana Jack
Programme Project Assistant
Regional Child Labour Initiative
Ms. Shoblina Chotkan-Somai
National Project Coordinator, Environmentally focused value chain development in the economy of Suriname, fostering enterprise creation and formalization through just transition
Ms. Marissa Sheppard
National Project Officer, Nationally Determined Contributions Just Transition in Antigua and Barbuda