Bridging job market reality and aspirations

Moldova: web platform launched to guide youngsters in career choices

News | 09 November 2017
(ILO-Budapest) Young people may find it difficult to make a good decision when it comes to choosing their future occupation. They might not have information on current labour market tendencies or may not know what kind of education and skills will lead to good job opportunities. The National Employment Agency (NEA), with ILO assistance, launched a web platform in October, 2017 to provide career guidance and employment counselling for youth.

In 2016, the World Bank published the findings of a survey, in which they had looked at how students make decisions, what information they use, who they consult and what career guidance they find useful. The report „From Aspirations to Occupations: the Role of Informaton in Education and Labour Market Decisions in Moldova” pointed out that young job-seekers need a comprehensive guidance system and better information on education choices and employment opportunities. „With an ageing population and high emigration, every Moldovan worker counts”-said Alex Kramer, World Bank Country Manager for Moldova. „Informing young people about labour market opportunities is a low-cost way of getting Moldovans into more productive jobs.” The report also stressed that parents are key informants and influencers of youth, and less educated parents may not be able to help their children as efficiently as more privileged ones.

The website ( identifies the occupations that offer the best opportunities at the current job market, describes the tasks an occupation entails, the context of work, the qualifications and the level of education needed to pursue it. “The National Employment Agency, through this platform, will assist young people by giving them the opportunity to make decisions after they receive information about professions that match their aspirations, wishes and education”, said Ms Raisa Dogaru, NEA director. One of the objectives of the Moldovan National Employment Strategy for 2017-2021 is to connect the the educational system with labour market requirements, for better qualifications and skills. The web platform will be an essential tool in making this connection.