Ukraine and the ILO Vol. II.

Volume II. Documents

The publication has been written and compiled with the objective to provide facts and documents which shed light on the evolution of the relations between the country and the ILO, and the role of the ILO in promoting social justice, tripartism and social dialogue, employment creation and active labour market policy in Ukraine.

Volume II. comprises four groups of the materials: official documents concerning the history and present stage of the relationship between Ukraine and the ILO; speeches of the Ukrainian delegates at the sessions of the International Labour Conference (ILC); texts of Resolutions submitted by the Ukrainian delegations and adopted by the ILC, and texts of Resolutions concerning Ukraine adopted by the ILC; it also contains the lists of members of Ukrainian delegations to the sessions of the ILC (including the representation of Ukrainian delegates in the Conference Committees), the Governing Body, the ILO European Regional Conferences/Meetings, and the International Conferences of Labour Statisticians.