Care needs and migration for domestic work: Ukraine-Poland

The Ukrainian domestic workers who migrate to Poland face the same difficulties as migrant domestic workers around the world, which include exposure to violations of human and labour rights, given their migration status, the absence of protection and assistance mechanisms in both home and destination countries, low social status, and the often informal nature of their work.

This report outlines the main characteristics of Ukrainian migrant domestic work in Poland.

Its structure is as follows. Section 1 provides basic economic, labour market and migration information on Poland. Section 2 concerns Poland’s regulatory framework applicable to national domestic workers (DWs) and to migrant domestic workers (MDWs). Migration modalities, regulation and policy are discussed in section 3. Section 4 analyses the perceptions, attitudes and behaviour of employers of DWs and MDWs, based on qualitative research results. Section 5 follows with a detailed discussion of care policies and practices in Poland. A brief assessment of the extent to which MDW issues are currently of political relevance can be found in section 6.

The report also includes a short analysis of data and knowledge development on Ukrainian MDWs in Poland. It provides conclusions and a set of recommendations.