Strengthening Occupational safety and health management in Kosovo

The project aims to promote safety and health at work by advancing the legal framework and strengthening OSH management systems.

This project builds on key preparatory work also supported by Sweden that produced a detailed Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) profile of Kosovo, the draft Kosovo OSH programme 2022-27, a multiannual training strategy for labour inspectors, and a gender review of the legal framework on OSH. The project aims to advance the law on occupational safety and health in line with International Labour Standards and EU Directives. It also strives to reform the labour inspectorate, train social partners, and deliver campaigns for safety and health at work.

The ILO will also support implementation of specific actions of the Strategy. More specifically, it will advance the labour inspection system by establishing the electronic case management system (ECMS) and introducing evidence-based planning. This will enable using digital tools to collect and analyse data on working conditions, safety and health, wages, and other labour standards, to identify potential violations and target inspections where they are most needed.

The project will be implement under the framework of the ILO Flagship Programme Safety + Health for All. The ILO will closely work with UN Women to cover the gender aspects of safety and health at work.