Local Employment Partnerships 2

The project in its second phase will continue supporting employment creation through partnership-based mechanisms on local level.

Building on the achievements under the previous project on Local Employment Partnerships, also funded by the European Union, the second phase continues to focus on the development of local employment partnerships (LEPs) in order to contribute to better employability in local communities. The activation and labour market integration programmes will be implemented in line with specific local needs. In addition, LEP2 will ensure delivery of institutional development services to LEPs, including ones that improve their advocacy, networking, and employment policy implementation. LEP2 will work closely with local Employment offices so that they use LEPs as tools to foster local labour market development.

The project  is expected to contribute to a 14 per cent increase in the share of local communities with functioning partnerships.

Specifically, the project is expected to:
  • Support the establishment of 20 LEPs that deliver activation and labour market integration programmes in line with specific local needs;
  • Produce 20 action plans that improve labour market governance in their communities;
  • Deliver 30 training programmes and services developed to respond to the needs of the local communities.
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