Improving labour market governance through effective social dialogue over labour reforms in Montenegro

The project will aim at improving the effectiveness of tripartite social dialogue in Montenegro. It will strengthen the capacities of actors and institutions of social dialogue, especially that of trade unions and the Social Council to play a more effective role in labour market governance.

The ILO will assist Montenegrin tripartite constituents to align labour and employment law and practice through constructive dialogue, and social dialogue and industrial relations frameworks to International labour standards and the EU acquis. It will equip social dialogue institutions and actors with technical capacities, build the capacity of relevant social actors on the new legislative changes. Trade unions will receive support in developing high quality inputs to the social dialogue processes.

As a result, national law and practice will be in conformity with International Labour Standards and EU law. The Social Council and the social partners’ participation and influence in shaping national economic, labour and social policy will increase. Social partners will better represent the interest of their members in social dialogue instances and social actors will have a better understanding of the legislative changes and will better comply with them.