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  1. International Women’s Day

    Where we are, and where we want to be - Views of workers, employers and government on the situation of women at work
    7 March 2014

    To mark the International Women’s Day in 2014, the ILO Budapest Office started to collect views of its Central and Eastern European members on progress achieved and challenges ahead for women at work in the region.

  1. Discover
    8 March 2014
    International Women's Day

    Women at work – where we are, where we want to be

  2. Get involved
    Red Card to Child Labour

  3. Read
    19 December 2013
    ILO Budapest Newsletter 2013/2

The ILO assists its Central and Eastern European member states in their economic and labour market transformation and in their accession to the EU. DWT/CO–Budapest helps in the transfer of know-how from EU member countries to South East Europe, Moldova and Ukraine in the framework of Decent Work Country Programmes.
The ILO also provides support to its member states to stimulate economic recovery, create jobs and protect working people and their families in time of crisis.

What's new

  1. © Anastasia Sersun / ILO 2014

    Labour migration

    New ILO study to help the reintegration of return labour migrants in the Republic of Moldova
    20 March 2014

    More than one third of return migrants are unemployed or work in seasonal jobs in Moldova. Young return migrants are the most vulnerable on the labour market, says a new ILO study presented yesterday.

  2. Labour migration

    Crisis prompts Albanian workers to return home
    26 February 2014

    The first modern Albanian employment centre opened last month to provide better services to jobseekers, particularly migrant workers returning to Albania from crisis countries in Europe.

  3. Albania

    New national strategy to foster conditions for jobs in Albania
    26 February 2014

    The new strategy has introduced a new approach in Albania, when it aims to increase employment by adjusting vocational education and training to the labour market needs of the country, which will contribute to promote social inclusion and territorial cohesion.

  4. Hungary

    WORK4YOUTH photo exhibition Budapest
    14 February - 28 March 2014

    The International Labour Organization (ILO) organized an exhibition from the best Central and Eastern European photos of the 'WORK4YOUTH' photo contest.

  5. Global Employment Trends 2014

    Weak economic recovery does not extend to jobs
    21 January 2014

    Global labour markets still stalled despite slow economic recovery, according to the ILO’s Global Employment Trends 2014 report, which calls for an urgent switch to more employment-friendly policies.

  6. Albania

    The first modern employment office was opened in Tirana
    14 January 2014

    The new employment office provides better services to Albanian job seekers and employers and offers a new model for the modernization of Albanian employment services.

  7. Key Indicators of the Labour Market (KILM) 2013

    Long-term unemployment, the new challenge for many countries
    11 December 2013

    Job seekers are finding it increasingly difficult to secure a new job within six months or less, according to the new edition of the ILO's “Key Indicators of the Labour Market”.


    © Eugeniu Popovici / ILO 2014


    Helping migrant workers to secure social security rights
    19 December 2013

    At least 25 per cent of workers in Moldova will work abroad at some point in their career. However, few of them know that in many cases they are entitled to receive social security benefits from their destination countries once they go back home. An ILO campaign is aiming to change that perception.

  9. © Ivan Aleksic / ILO 2014

    Moldova and Ukraine

    Knowledge on migration issues has been increased in Ukraine and Moldova by a recently ending project
    04 December 2013

    After almost three years of implementation, the project “Effective Governance of Labour Migration and its Skill Dimensions” draws to a close in December 2013 resulting better understanding of migration issues.




    Manual for Trade Union Education on Social dialogue
    15 February 2013

    This new manual is designed for trade union trainers responsible for organizing courses at the sectoral or national level. A particular focus is put on the Central and Eastern European Countries, both EU New Member States and Candidate Countries. It is centered around the specific conditions and needs trade unionists from these countries face when it comes to strengthening social dialogue. It has been translated into Romanian, Croatian, Polish, Hungarian, Slovenian, Czech, Lithuanian and Bulgarian.

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