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  1. Genti Bejko in the film

    Youth employment

    Made in Albania: what job is right for me?
    8 September 2014

    A new TV show, developed by an ILO project, funded by the European Union, tries to help young Albanians to find out what jobs are best suited to their skills and interests.

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  1. World Congress on Safety and Health at Work
    "Work claims more victims than war"

    - says ILO Director-General.

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    Hold up a Red Card to Child Labour!

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The ILO assists its Central and Eastern European member states in their economic and labour market transformation and in their accession to the EU. DWT/CO–Budapest helps in the transfer of know-how from EU member countries to South East Europe, Moldova and Ukraine in the framework of Decent Work Country Programmes.
The ILO also provides support to its member states to stimulate economic recovery, create jobs and protect working people and their families in time of crisis.

What's new

  1. Albania

    Vacancy announcement

    The ILO seeks to fill the following position in Albania.
    More information about the position, including the vacancy announcement and the application process, can be found by clicking on the title.
    Project Coordinator for Component 2 (Modernisation of the National Employment Service)
    Application deadline: 19 September 2014

  2. Vacancy announcements

    The ILO seeks to fill the following positions in Skopje, in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.
    More information about the positions, including the vacancy announcement and the application process, can be found by clicking on the titles.  
    Project Coordinator
    Project Assistant
    Application deadline: 24 September 2014

  3. Working conditions

    Minimum wage should protect the most vulnerable workers in Albania
    06 August 2014

    Tripartite minimum wage-fixing process should be improved in Albania in order to protect the most vulnerable workers - agreed participants of a conference in Tirana, Albania.

  4. Labour statistics

    Ministry uses ILO recommendations to improve the labour force survey of Macedonia
    15 August 2014

    In July 2014, the ILO prepared a review of the methodology and results of the national labour force survey conducted by the State Statistical Office of the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, in the light of ILO statistical standards and EUROSTAT directives.

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    Can you speak Italian?
    02 July 2014

    Italian companies are increasingly turning to Albanian migrant workers who are going back home to work at their call centres. An EU-funded ILO project is helping employment centres in Albania to modernize and to assist migrant workers looking for a new job.

  6. Salary © ILO/Kozhevnikova, Lidiia 2014

    Labour migration

    Ukraine to Improve Its Migration Governance
    24 June 2014

    On June 24 the Conference ‘Decent work for the migrant workers’ summarized the achievements of the Project ‘Effective Governance of Labour Migration and its Skills Dimensions’. Drawing to a close in June 2014, the project resulted in better understanding of labour migration and its governance.

  7. Recovery and reconstruction

    Impact of floods on jobs and enterprises in Bosnia and Herzegovina
    20 June 2014

    The ILO has coordinated a damage assessment of floods on jobs, livelihoods and enterprises in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This was part of the Coordinated Recovery Needs Assessment led by the authorities of Bosnia and Herzegovina and supported by the European Union, the United Nations and the World Bank.

  8. Recovery and reconstruction

    The ILO is ready to assist in the reconstruction process in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Serbia
    03 June 2014

    ILO Director-General Guy Ryder has expressed his deepest symphathy to the people of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Serbia for the destruction and loss of life recently caused by devastating floods in the region. He offered the ILO’s assistance in the recovery process as part of the UN and international response to the crisis.

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    World Social Protection Report 2014/15

    More than 70 per cent of the world population lacks proper social protection
    3 June 2014

    A new report by the International Labour Organization (ILO) presents the latest social security trends and finds that most people are without adequate social protection at a time when it is most needed.




    Studies on migration trends in Ukraine and Moldova
    15 June 2014

    Several publications have analysed the impact of migration on labour market and certain professions  in Ukraine and Moldova, the link between education and migration, functioning of private employment agencies, etc. An ILO project obtained new and reliable statistical data on labour migration, covering the data gap on skills and composition of migration flows.

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