Youth Employment

Promoting youth employment: Moldova completes study mission in Romania

Delegates learn about Romanian experience in drafting and implementation of active labour market measures.

Press release | 04 July 2017
On June 25-29, 2017,”Promotion of Youth Employment”, a project of the ILO organized a study mission for a high-level Delegation of Moldovan institutions to Romania. Mission participants included Ms Raisa Scai, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Labour, Social Protection and Family, the National Employment Agency (NEA), Trade Union and Employers’ Organizations, Ministry of Education and the Organization for the Development of Small and Medium Enterprises (SME).

The main goal of the visit was to get acquainted with the active measures of the Romanian labour market. Participants focused on the improvement of measures to promote entrepreneurship among young people, on-the-job trainings, representing an alternative form of dual education, the continuous consolidation of the institutional capacities of the National Employment Agency in order to successfully implement active labour market measures on the Moldovan labour market.

During the study mission, meetings were organised with a number of Romanian institutions involved in the process of drafting and implementing active measures, such as: the Ministry of Labour and Social Justice, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Business Environment Relations, National Employment Agency of Bucharest, Regional Education Training Centre for Adults from Braşov and the Business Incubator from Giurgiu. The meetings were aiming to elaborate a new draft law on employment stimulation and the introduction of a new portfolio of active labour market measures, as well as on-the-job trainings, which will be piloted with ILO project support and managed by NEA.

During the meetings, the participants held discussions on active measure programs, such as those related to entrepreneurship (entrepreneurial consultancy and training, business incubators, SME lending, etc.); defining target groups and client mediation of active measures, monitoring and evaluation of those programs; the implementation of apprenticeship in Romania, as well as the inter-institutional cooperation for the elaboration of the entrepreneurship programs.

The ILO project ”Promotion of Youth Employment” was launched within the SIDA-ILO global partnership, the main beneficiaries being the National Employment Agency and the Ministry for Labour, Social Protection and Family. The main objective of the project is to consolidate the capacities of Moldovan constituents involved in the implementation of the National Employment Strategy  (NES 2017-2021), with a clear youth and migration focus, as well as to strengthen their capacities on macroeconomic policies for promoting more and better jobs, and for tackling inequalities in the labour market.