Moldova resources

  1. Enhancing jobs and schooling decision of Moldovan youth

    30 August 2018

    The project proposes to fill some of the information gaps that young Moldovans face in making schooling and jobs decisions by introducing an adapted and innovated version of the ‘Surfing the labour market’ tool which is an online platform and a phone application. The adaptation will be done through a partnership with relevant institutions (employment offices, career centres, schools, employers) to improve its effectiveness and also ensure follow up to this intervention.

  2. © Jaap Ariens/AFP 2018

    A new law in Moldova projects more employment and better life opportunities

    22 August 2018

    On August 9th, 2018 the Government of Moldova introduced a new Employment Promotion Law. With a very low labour force participation rate (slightly above 40 percent in 2017), Moldova is faltering far behind its peers in the region. The law aims at more employment opportunities and better life prospects for many Moldovans, both women and men. The ILO has provided technical guidance and played a facilitating role in the process leading up to the adoption of the new law.

  3. ILO Budapest Newsletter 2018 June

    29 June 2018

    This issue reports on ILO programme developments and new projects in the Central and Eastern European region.

  4. Technical support on employment policies for youth, women and migrants in Moldova

    23 May 2018

    The project aims to improve employment policies with particular attention to women and young people. The focus of the intervention will be on the implementation of the National Employment Policy, the design and implementation of the Territorial/Local Employment Pacts and the implementation of the recommendations coming from the functional audit of the Public Employment Service.

  5. © AFP/Sergey Averin 2018

    A new branch collective agreement in the textile, leather and garment industry in Moldova

    08 May 2018

    A new collective agreement covering 23,000 workers (based on data provided by the social partners) employed in 104 SMEs enterprises in the textile, leather and garment industry in Moldova provides for a 5 per cent increase of the branch minimum wage, and for the first time a negotiated wage scale better aligned to the job structure of the industry.

  6. New ILO report: Women and men in the informal economy: A statistical picture—What do data reveal about Central and Eastern Europe?

    08 May 2018

  7. Roma women and the world-of-work in the Republic of Moldova

    01 April 2018


    28 March 2018

    The chart (annex of the Resource Guide on Promoting decent work opportunities for Roma) explains the root causes and the cycle of poverty and marginalization, as well as the policies and instruments that can break the cycle.

  9. ILO Budapest Newsletter 2018 February

    25 February 2018

    This issue reports on ILO programme developments and new projects in the Central and Eastern European region, and features interviews with ILO partners.

  10. What does the new ILO WORLD EMPLOYMENT AND SOCIAL OUTLOOK – Trends 2018 report say about Central and Eastern Europe?

    05 February 2018

    The ILO's World Employment and Social Outlook: Trends 2018 takes stock of the current global labour market situation. The report launched during the recent annual meeting of the World Economic Forum raises concerns about the ability of the global economy to generate sufficient jobs. For Central and Eastern Europe the report states that the rebound of economic growth does not lead to major employment increase.