Bosnia and Herzegovina resources

  1. Report on the pension reform in Bosnia and Herzegovina: First Assessment

    01 January 2009

    The pension system of Bosnia and Herzegovina consists of two schemes in the two entities – the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FBiH) and the Republika Srpska (RS) . The two entities have separate pension funds, and the pension schemes are regulated by separate legislations.

  2. Employment Policy Review: Bosnia and Herzegovina

    01 January 2009

    Gives details about the labour market situation during the period 1999-2006. Identifies main priorities for employment policy such as education and training, and active labour market policies; goals of passive labour market policies; income policy; and social dialogue. Lists relevant ratified Council of Europe instruments as well as ILO Conventions. Includes the text of the Bucharest Declaration 2003 on furthering employment, and surveys the main provisions governing recruitment and termination of employment concerning the Republika Srpska, the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the Brčko District.

  3. La Strada International

    02 May 2007

    The International La Strada Association is a network of nine independent human rights NGOs (Non-Governmental Organisations) in Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Macedonia, Moldova, the Netherlands, Poland and Ukraine. It aims to prevent trafficking in human beings, with a focus on women in Central and Eastern Europe.

  4. Decent Work Country Programme for Bosnia and Herzegovina 2006-2007

    16 November 2006

  5. Bosnia and Herzegovina Strategy to Prevent and Combat HIV/AIDS

    01 December 2003

  6. Council of Ministers, Bosnia and Herzegovina Strategy to Prevent and Combat HIV/AIDS, 2004-2009, December 2003, 24 pp.

    01 December 2003

  7. Act of 21 May 2003 on gender equality (Text No. 161), unofficial English translation

    21 May 2003

  8. National Action Plan for Children in Bosnia and Herzegovina 2002-2010

    01 April 2002

  9. Constitution of 21 November 1994, unofficial English translation

    21 November 1994