DWT/CO-Budapest staff

Budapest-based Staff


Mr Markus Pilgrim

Senior Specialists

Mr Kenichi Hirose

Social Security

Mr Magnus Berge

Workers' Activities

Ms Iulia Drumea

Employers' Activities

Ms Cristina Mihes

Social Dialogue and Labour Law

Ms Mariko Ouchi

Conditions of Work/Gender Equality

Ms Daniela Zampini


Ms Alessandra Molz



Ms Mária Borsos

Programme Officer

Ms Ágnes Fazekas

Programme Assistant

Project Support

Ms Linda Chikán

Programme Assistant

Ms Anna Farkas

Programme Assistant

Ms Kinga Jakab

Programme Assistant

Ms Éva Mihlic

Programme Assistant

Ms Ildikó Rigó

Programme Assistant

Finance, Administration and Personnel

Ms Zsófia Ács

Senior Secretary

Ms Lilian Orz

Senior Finance Assistant

Ms Tünde Lovkó

Finance Assistant

Ms Zsuzsa Kuna

Finance Assistant

Ms Emilia Tánczos

Finance Assistant

Ms Mariann Horváth

HR Assistant

Mr Gábor Róbert

IT Assistant

Mr Tamás Koncányi

Admin Clerk, Driver

Communication and Public Information

Ms Veronika Tomka

Communication and Public Information Assistant 


Ms Mathilde Hebert

Women entrepreneurship

Ms Sajmira Kopani


Field-based Staff

National Coordinators

Ms Zhulieta Harasani


Ms Lejla Tanović

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Mr Emil Krstanovski

The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

Ms Ala Lipciu


Ms Nina Krgović


Mr Jovan Protić


Mr Sergiy Savchuk


Technical Cooperation Staff


Increased Effectiveness on Tripartite and Bipartite Social Dialogue, Collective Bargaining and Dispute Resolution:

Ms Dorina Nika

Project Assistant

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Promoting Inclusive Labour Market Solutions in the Western Balkans:

Ms Katarina Crnjanski-Vlajčić

National Project Coordinator

Support to Local Employment Partnerships:

Ms Amra Selesković

National Project Coordinator

Ms Mirela Kadribašić

Project Assistant

Employment and Social Affairs Platform:

Ms Susanne Nielsen

Project Expert

Ms Melisa Osmić

Project Assistant



Supporting the Implementation of the National Employment Strategy 2016-2025 with Focus on Youth (SIDA):

Ms Carolina Chicus-Bodean

Project Assistant

Ms Violeta Vrabie

National Project Coordinator

Improved Wage and Income Policies and Mechanisms for Consultation and Collective Bargaining:

Ms Cornelia Juncu

Project Assistant


Enhancing the Labour Administration Capacity to Improve Working Conditions and Tackle Undeclared Work:

Mr António Santos

Project Manager

Ms Sofia Lytvyn

National Project Coordinator

Ms Tetiana Antonchenko

Finance and Administrative Assistant

National Social Protection Floors Are Strengthened Through the Implementation of the International Labour Standards and Social Dialogue:

Ms Inna Holiuk

Project Assistant

Improving Occupational Safety and Health in the Mining Industry:

Ms Iryna Peksheva

National Project Coordinator

Ms Valeriia Pankova

Project Assistant (part-time)

ILO-AIDS / UBRAF Contribution to the ILO 2016-17:

Ms Larisa Savchuk

National Project Coordinator

Inclusive Labour Markets for Job Creation in Ukraine:

Mr Džemal Hodžić

Chief Technical Advisor

Ms Tetyana Minenko

National Project Officer

Mr Georgii Morozov

National Project Officer

Mr Andrii Figol

Project Assistant

Mr Vakhtanh Chachiia

Administrative Clerk/Driver