EU-ILO cooperation

ILO panel "Skills for Bangladesh" at European Development Days

The ILO organizes a panel on a joint ILO - EU skills project in Bangladesh at the European Development Days, the European Commission’s yearly forum on international affairs and development cooperation.

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This session will present the impacts and lessons learnt from the European Commission-Bangladesh-ILO project on the reform of the Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) system in Bangladesh (2007-13).

An effective TVET system allows more people to acquire employable skills and to generate income through wage-earning jobs or self-employment – hence to escape poverty.

The session will elaborate how the project has contributed to improving productivity in industry and services through better responding to skills needs; how it has enhanced labour market participation; and how it has contributed to social inclusion and the empowerment of disadvantaged groups – in particular to youth, women and rural communities with low levels of literacy, and people with disabilities.

The session will focus on the main results the project has achieved, also reflecting on latest developments in the context of the Global Sustainability Compact for Bangladesh, a joint initiative of the Government of Bangladesh, the European Union and the ILO to improve labour rights, working conditions and factory safety in the ready-made garment industry.