January 2020

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    Our impact, their voices

    How an ILO Protocol has helped combat forced labour in Thai fishing

    06 January 2020

    Since Thailand ratified the International Labour Organization’s 2014 Protocol to the Forced Labour Convention (P29), conditions for workers in the country’s seafood and fishing industry have improved. The ILO’s Ship to Shore Rights project has supported the Thai government in implementing the changes.

December 2019

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    Making social protection fit for the future

    04 December 2019

    At an Infopoint organized by the European Commission, Valérie Schmitt, Deputy Director of ILO’s Social Protection Department, welcomed the new EU-funded flagship programme which aims to increase social protection coverage in eight priority countries.

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    Towards compensation for exploitation and violence against migrant workers

    02 December 2019

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    Finnish Presidency of the EU hosts conference on business and human rights

    02 December 2019

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    European Parliament discusses EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement

    02 December 2019

    The ILO participated to an Exchange of views on the EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement, organized by the Committee on International Trade of the European Parliament.

November 2019

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    Standards and practices for a zero-tolerance policy on child labour

    19 November 2019

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    Belgian stakeholders reflect on Universal Social Protection by 2030

    04 November 2019

October 2019

  1. Economic and Social Affairs Platform

    Scaling up social dialogue in the Western Balkans

    25 October 2019

    The Economic and Social Councils of the Western Balkans, the EU Commission, the Regional Cooperation Council and the ILO met at a high-level meeting to assess the progress made and the challenges ahead in efficient tripartite social dialogue in the region. The meeting, held on 24-25 September, 2019 in Skopje, North Macedonia, was the closing event for phase one of the Economic and Social Affairs Platform project, funded by the European Union. The project is about to launch its second cycle to move forward social dialogue and to combat undeclared work. We interviewed two participants from different walks of life to understand their perception of the status of social dialogue and to talk to them about their contributions and future challenges.

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    Council of the EU welcomes the ILO Centenary Declaration for the Future of Work

    24 October 2019

    The Council calls on the EU Member States to pursue a human-centred approach to the future of work.

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    European equality bodies discuss how to combat sexual harassment at work

    24 October 2019