ILO, European Commission, OHCHR, UNWOMEN and KSBSI sign agreement on global action programme on migrant domestic workers

The European Commission and the ILO in partnership with OHCHR, UNWOMEN and the Indonesian Trade Union KSBSI signed an agreement on implementing a “Global Action programme on migrant domestic workers and their families”. The implementation of this three-year programme, with € 3.5 million EU funding, will start on 1 February 2013.

News | 18 December 2012
The programme aims at promoting decent work for migrant domestic workers globally. To achieve this overall goal, the programme will conduct quantitative and qualitative research on migration and trafficking in domestic work, raise awareness and advocate for the rights of migrant domestic workers and set up capacity-building activities to protect and empower migrant domestic workers.

The programme will combine global and regional research and advocacy actions, with country-based interventions along selected "migration corridors" in 5 regions (Paraguay-Argentina, Indonesia-Malaysia, Nepal-United Arab Emirates, Zimbabwe-South Africa and Ukraine-Poland). This programme into will also strengthen the global campaign for the ratification of the Convention on Domestic Workers, no. 189.