The Case of EIIP in Iraq: A Documentation Report

How EIIP Approaches, Experiences and Lessons, contribute to the Humanitarian Development and Peace Nexus (HDPN) in Iraq

Employment-Intensive Investment Programme (EIIP) supports countries with immediate to medium- and long-term interventions through reconstruction and rehabilitation of destroyed infrastructure and improvement of the environment and community assets, while addressing conflict drivers related to the lack of livelihoods and access to infrastructure.

Ultimately, the response stimulates the economy and generates local multiplier effects and contributes to inclusive governance, sustainability, resiliency-building, and social cohesion.

This paper intends to describe the EIIP model offered in Iraq and illustrate the results, experiences, and lessons, of how the EIIP approach contributes to the HDP Nexus, in order to inform future programme design and the application of such an approach.