Towards a referral network for training and post-training support services: A mapping of training and post training service providers.

Job seekers and workers are under mounting pressure to upgrade their existing skills and learn new ones to meet the fast-changing labor market needs.

Skills training being a key component of the Lebanon Crisis Response Plan (LCRP)’s livelihoods sector since the beginning of the response to the Syrian refugee crisis, numerous NGOs offer vocational training programmes. Despite this continuous increase in the provision of non-formal skills training, only a few livelihoods sector partners are providing post-training support services. A lack of collaboration and cooperation among the livelihoods sector partners and with the government is hindering information exchange on training and training and post-training services to be shared systemically and efficiently in order to ultimately refer beneficiaries to appropriate service providers when needed.

Training and post-training services cover a wide range of support activities that may include career guidance, employment and job placement services, mentoring, support in job search tools and techniques, coaching for job interviews, but also include non-employment-related support such as psychological support, childcare services etc. There is a range of post-training service providers, but most NGOs operating under the umbrella of the Lebanon Crisis Response Plan may not know where to locate relevant service providers.

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