Enhance the Capacity of the Ministry of Agriculture for Evidence Based Planning Through Pilot Tracer Studies

Upgrading the Technical Agriculture Education System in Lebanon Project

This tracer study targeting a number of agriculture graduates from Agriculture Baccalaureate Technique and short-term courses is a result of a joint effort of a number of organizations. It was conducted as part of the project “Upgrading the technical agriculture education system in Lebanon”, led by FAO with funding from the Kingdom of the Netherlands and implemented in partnership with the International Labour Organization (ILO), the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) and AVSI, to help the Ministry of Agriculture (MoA) increase the market relevance of its training programmes.

The study was conducted by the Consultation and Research Institute and ILO with the extensive support of the Ministry of Agriculture, AVSI and FAO. It benefited from technical review and inputs by Leon Gaskin, Chief Technical Advisor, Patrick Daru, Senior Skills and Employability Specialist at ILO-ROAS, Rania Hokayem, ILO National TVET Programme Coordinator, and Serajul Islam, Skills Development Officer at ILO, Fatima Halbawi, head of Education and Extension Services at Ministry of Agriculture. It was also reviewed by Sonia el Abiad, director of directorate of studies and coordination at the Ministry of Agriculture, Hayfa Jaafar, head of education and training department and Dr Salem Darwish, Minister of Agriculture Advisor.