Policy Brief

Discussion Note for Policymakers: Interregional dialogues on migration involving countries in the Middle East and Africa

Migration from African countries to the Middle East is increasing. While Egypt continues to dominate the stock of African migrant workers in the region, particularly in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries, emerging yet fragmented data suggests an increasing phenomenon of migrant workers in vulnerable situations from various African countries in East and West Africa. Currently, the two major interregional dialogues on labour migration to the Middle East do not include African countries.

This Discussion Note developed by the ILO Policy Advisory Committee on Fair Migration in the Middle East discusses possible ways forward to ensure that relevant stakeholders from African countries can participate in an inter-regional dialogue which covers the unique issues faced by African migrant workers. It further looks at how African countries, and the international community, can prevent fragmentation of dialogues, which could lead to a ‘race to the bottom’ in protections for migrant workers.