Work permits and employment of Syrian refugees in Jordan: towards formalising the work of Syrian refugees

The general objective of this assessment is to gain a better understanding of the impact work permits have on the employment of Syrian workers in Jordan. It utilises data gathered from questionnaires and focus group discussions with Syrian workers, with and without permits, to better understand the challenges and opportunities they face.

This study looks at the impact of work permits provided to Syrian refugees in Jordan. The assessment tests five core assumptions regarding work permits, namely that:

1. Procedural difficulties in obtaining work permits for Syrian refugees limits their uptake by workers and their employers;
2. Work permits act as an impediment to labour mobility in sectors where workers are linked to a single employer;
3. Work permits increase the risk of labour exploitation where workers are linked to a single employer;
4. Work permits improve social protection coverage for Syrian workers; and
5. Work permits are associated with better working conditions because they imply that workers have accessed a formal job, which is monitored by labour inspectors.