National Awareness Raising Strategy on the Worst Forms of Child Labour in Lebanon

The overall goal of the Awareness Raising Strategy is to support the National Action Plan’s efforts to eliminate the worst forms of child labour in Lebanon by 2016. It seeks to achieve four objectives that were set after a series of consultations and workshops with various stakeholders, including Lebanese media representatives.

Over a 24-month period (2014-2016), the media sub-committee of the NSC will seek to:

(1) Increase public awareness and support for the National Action Plan by promoting a clear, consistent and coherent communication campaign, producing and disseminating public information materials, making information on the WFCL accessible online and through social networks, ensure that the public is kept informed of the progress of the NAP, and engaging with the media on a regular basis, and linking the campaign to national days.

(2) Promote adherence to Decree 8987/2012 at the local level by informing and enabling local and regional authorities, educators, relevant Ministries and the National Social Security Fund to play their part.

(3) Encourage policy change by lobbying Lebanese lawmakers and political parties.

(4) Mobilize national stakeholders to combat WFCL, including the private sector, trade unions, civil society organizations, and the religious establishment and university students.