Towards Pay Equity: A Legal Review of Jordanian National Legislation

This legal review equips government officials, workers’ and employers’ organizations, policymakers, practitioners, and trainers, to engage in a national dialogue regarding the need for gender-sensitive policies and laws which promote the economic empowerment of women through a more equitable remuneration system.

The Jordanian government has prioritized the economic participation of women and
adopted a host of women-friendly policies in recent decades. These policies have
aimed to expand access to education, promote healthcare and strengthen institutional
reform through legislation. But despite these advances, women’s role in the labour
market remains minimal. This is reflected in the persisting gap between males and
females in the workforce, rising women’s unemployment rates and declining wages in
occupations dominated by women such as education, manufacturing and health. This
underscores the serious obstacles to implementing comprehensive measures aimed
at guaranteeing non-discrimination between men and women in the labour market.