National Study on Worst Forms of Child Labour in Syria

The need for such a study stemmed from the awareness of the danger of child labour and its violation of child rights as stipulated in the Syrian Constitution and the international agreements and conventions ratified by Syria. The lack of new and comprehensive studies tackling child labour has further intensified the need to conduct this research.

This study has attempted to describe child labour and analyze its main reasons and factors, as well as explore its impact on children and society based on an analytical and participatory comparison, which includes different stakeholders and working children themselves. It should be mentioned that this study does not replace the urgent need for a comprehensive statistical survey, where both qualitative and quantitative approaches are needed to help provide better outcomes. The main goals of this study are:
(1) To identify the main reasons for child labour in Syria.
(2) To try to explore the relationship between child labour and school drop-out rates.
(3) To identify the living conditions of working children according to social variables
(4) To shed light on the major effects of child labour on children and society.
(5) To provide recommendations regarding child labour, which can then be transformed into action plans by relevant stakeholders.