New command-and-control and operation centre launches in Jordan’s Labour Ministry

In line with the e-government vision, a new system supported by the ILO will help the Ministry boost efficiency and ease its operations during labour inspections. This is an important step in the quest to ensure decent work for all.

Press release | 20 October 2022
Amman, Jordan (ILO News) – The Ministry of Labour has launched a new state-of-the-art command-and-control and operation centre in Amman on Tuesday (October 18), resulting from a collaboration with the International Labour Organization aimed at boosting the efficiency of the labour inspection department and improving compliance with decent work principles for all.

The new system will support the Ministry to better document, monitor and review the inspection process. The control room provides a space for officials where they can learn from previous inspections, thus improving the identification of decent work deficits and enhancing the quality of guidance to help workers and employer address them.

The project was also accompanied by a capacity building programme that has reached over 150 inspectors in the country so far. The initiative helps institutionalize more comprehensive inspection and is also in line with the Jordanian government’s vision for the implementation of automated and integrated processes across its ministries.

“The control room was one of the Ministry’s priorities aimed at to improving the labour inspection system and occupational safety and health in line with international standards,” said Jordan’s Minister of Labour Nayef Zakariya Stetieh. “Such inspection system will enhance the decent work environment in the local private sector, improve the productivity of labour inspectors, and supports standardized inspection procedures in all governorates.”

Implemented by the ILO, the interventions fall under the PROSPECTS partnership, which is spearheaded by the Government of the Netherlands. The programme has been supporting the Labour Ministry in Jordan to boost their capacity in labour inspection to contribute to improved working conditions for all workers, especially those employed in the agriculture sector.

As a result of the adoption of the bylaw for agriculture workers in May 2021, the partnership is eagerly supporting the implementation of the new control room capacities to enhance the efficiency of inspections in the agriculture sector, both in terms of routine inspections and regarding the guidance provided to improve compliance with decent work.

“We are glad to witness the launch of the command-and-control environments and operation centre in the Labour Ministry today,” said Frida Khan, ILO Jordan Decent Work and Country Coordinator. “An efficient and effective labour inspection system ensures both workers’ welfare and improved financial results through higher productivity. Labour inspection is a critical mechanism for upholding decent work principles. Inspection is not merely a series of fines issued in violation of the labour law, but an opportunity to provide practical guidance for improved compliance with labour standards.”

A solid inspection system is also key to guarantee an enhanced Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) culture in the workplace, which has recently been included by the ILO as a fifth category of fundamental principles and rights at work.

By allowing the inspectors to review their work, the new system will contribute to achieve enhanced compliance with national legislation and international labour standards across Jordan’s different workplaces and for all its workers.

The ILO also supported the training of the Ministry’s staff to transition to the new technology and ensure its maintenance and supervised the system’s planning, design, interfaces, and its software integration.