ILO Regional Office welcomes announcement of Saudi reforms on labour migration

Press release | 06 November 2020
BEIRUT (ILO News) - The ILO Regional Office for Arab States has welcomed the launch of Saudi Arabia’s “Labour Reform Initiative” to ease restrictions placed on migrant workers.

“This is an important step towards ensuring decent work for all workers in the Kingdom and undoubtedly has the potential to improve the employment situation and working conditions of migrant workers, including domestic workers, when fully implemented,” said ILO Regional Director for Arab States Ruba Jaradat.

“The COVID-19 crisis has had a profound impact on employers and workers in the Kingdom as it has elsewhere, and we welcome Saudi Arabia’s commitment to overcoming these challenges. Now more than ever, governments around the world should invest in measures aimed at advancing social justice and promoting decent work for all,” Jaradat said, adding that Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development has exerted strong efforts during this challenging year to improve the employment situation of all workers in the Kingdom, including that of migrant workers.

The institutional arrangements that will be put in place for the implementation, monitoring and assessment of the initiative are key to its success, Jaradat explained, adding that the ILO stands ready to support these efforts, including through the ongoing programme of cooperation between the ILO and Saudi Arabia, to ensure their conformity with International Labour Standards.