South-South and Triangular Cooperation study tour

Study tour from Central Statistical Organization (CSO) from Iraq to visit the Central Administration of Statistics (CAS) in Lebanon

News | 20 March 2019
BEIRUT (ILO News) - Under the “South-South and Triangular Cooperation (SSTC): Mainstreaming Decent Work in the SDGs in the Arab Region”, the ILO organized a three day study tour for the statisticians and IT specialists from the Central Statistical Organization (CSO) in Iraq to visit the Central Administration of Statistics (CAS) in Lebanon from 11-13 March, 2019. The SSTC initiative shed light on the Lebanese experience in conducting the Labour Force Household Living Conditions Survey (LFHLCS) in line with the latest international labour classifications and standards and in particular the 19th ICLS. The study tour enabled the CSO staff to learn the design and implementation of the LFHLCS conducted by the CAS and understand how to reflect the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) indicators when designing their respective questionnaire.

During the three days, the CAS welcomed the CSO representatives and the study tour served as a platform to exchange knowledge, skills, resources, technical know-how and experience with regards to the LFHLCS. The first day included sessions on the CAS’ main functions, different work stages, management structure, an overview of the survey’s objectives and scope, and a presentation of the survey’s questionnaire with a detailed focus on the labour module. During the second day, the CAS showcased the data editing and cleaning procedures it adopts for consistency checks using its internally developed data entry program. Last day included presentations on the IT application for the management of fieldwork, payments, monitoring of work progress and human resources, and on the production of tables and data consistency checks using SPSS and computing derived variables on employment.

The SSTC initiative acted as an effective means of capacity development. The study tour was concluded with a set of recommendations addressing the challenges faced when conducting a LFHLCS and reflecting on possible modules that CSO could tailor and include in its proper future Labour Force Survey.