The Ministry of Labour and SADAQA consolidate cooperation towards a more ambitious agenda on childcare in Jordan

The Ministry and SADAQA sign a Memorandum of Understanding to continue collaboration towards a National Framework for Workplace Daycare Centres, in a process supported by the ILO.

Press release | 17 November 2017
AMMAN, Jordan (ILO News)— the Jordanian Ministry of Labour renewed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with SADAQA, the civil society organization that advocates for a better working environment for women in Jordan, to implement a National Framework for Workplace Daycare Centres for children of working parents.

The ILO supported SADAQA to develop the National Framework. The Framework builds on Article 72 of the Jordanian Labour Law, which requires companies with a certain number of employees to provide child daycare centres for children of female employees.

The National Framework facilitates and expedites the licensing process of such centres through a one-stop-shop registration window, and offers incentives and support for employers who abide by the law. It also includes skills development for caregivers, and awareness raising for employers and working families on the importance and value of daycare centres.

According to SADAQA Co-Founder, Randa Naffa, “the Memorandum is an important step forward in ensuring that workplace daycares become a public a good, both accessible and affordable to offer service to working families at large across Jordan”.

Layla Shobaki, Head of the Women’s Work Directorate at the Ministry of Labour, noted: “SADAQA is one of the leading civil society organizations in the field of women’s economic empowerment, and we are proud of renewing our cooperation with them through this Memorandum which was first signed in 2014, to further enhance women’s economic participation in the labour market.”

“The renewal of the MOU is a major milestone in favour of Jordanian women,” said Emanuela Pozzan, ILO Senior Gender Equality Specialist for Arab States. “SADAQA is the expression of the voices of many working women and men in Jordan who are campaigning for more childcare facilities that ensure quality of service and that are affordable”.

SADAQA was launched as a campaign in 2011, it registered in 2012 as a non-profit organization. In the course of these five years, SADAQA has mobilized a wide range of activists to advocate for a work-friendly environment in compliance with Article 72 of the Labour Law and with the aim of increasing women’s economic participation in Jordan.