Parents and caregivers of working children complete vocational trainings in Iraq

Hundreds of parents and caregivers of working children in Ninewa have completed vocational trainings in sewing and electrical installation, that will help them build their skills, improve their employability and establish their own sources of income, so their children no longer have to work.

Date issued: 19 February 2023 | Size/duration: 00:01:41

Ninewa, Iraq - The participants included women and men from refugee, internally displaced and host communities, who were identified as parents of working children through an ILO-supported Child Labour Monitoring System, designed to ensure that thousands of working children are referred to appropriate support.

Following the completion of the training, participants received materials and equipment that would enable them to generate an income. They also received certificates recognized by Ninewa’s Directorate of Labour and Social Affairs and registered in an employment database, in efforts to facilitate their access to the formal labour market.

The training in Ninewa, which were implemented by the ILO and Tahreer Association for Development, falls under the framework of a broader project to tackle the worst forms of child labour amongst IDPs, refugees, and vulnerable host communities in Iraq, with the support of the European Regional Development and Protection Programme for Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq (RDPP II).

Similar trainings have been implemented in Duhok. Since late 2022, over 580 parents and caregivers have been trained under the programme in Ninewa and Duhok Province.