Comment and Analysis

  1. Op-Ed

    18th December: A special day to reflect on 2020

    18 December 2020

    As Qatar National Day and International Migrants Day fall on the same date, it is important to highlight the positive changes the labour reforms will have on the migrant population, their families and the economy of Qatar, says Houtan Homayounpour, Head of the ILO Project Office in Qatar.

  2. Social Security in Oman

    Oman’s new unemployment insurance scheme will reduce COVID-19 labour market shocks – PASI General Manager

    16 October 2020

    Public Authority for Social Insurance (PASI) General Manager Dr. Faisal Abdullah Al Farsi speaks to the ILO on Oman’s long-awaited unemployment insurance scheme.

  3. Changes in the labour market in Qatar

    Dismantling the kafala system and introducing a minimum wage mark new era for Qatar labour market

    30 August 2020

    Greater freedom to change jobs, combined with a non-discriminatory minimum wage, will benefit employers and workers alike.

  4. Blog

    New economic opportunities for Jordanians and Syrian refugees

    01 August 2020

  5. © Prakash Mathema / AFP 2021


    Include indigenous people in COVID-19 response

    20 July 2020

    The COVID-19 pandemic has had a major impact on an already marginalized population in Nepal.

  6. Blog

    My first 100 days in Baghdad under COVID-19 lockdown

    15 July 2020

    Taking up a new post in Baghdad during the pandemic posed enormous challenges, including inventing new working practices, overcoming prejudice and handling security, but it didn’t prevent the ILO’s new Country Coordinator from making progress in promoting decent work and social justice.

  7. Opinion

    Towards a Coordinated Humanitarian-Development Response to COVID-19 Crisis: Reflections from the Arab Region with an ILO Lens

    22 April 2020

    The multilateral system should support Arab countries to build on humanitarian and development mechanisms and experiences developed in recent years, in order to rapidly and effectively respond to the COVID-19 health, social, and economic crisis in the region.

  8. Blog

    Resilience and decent work can mitigate the impact of COVID-19 on Jordan’s labour market

    26 March 2020

  9. Article

    New skills for a brighter future - Soumaya's story

    16 March 2020

    Ten months ago, Syrian Soumaya Mohammed found work at a garment factory with the help of the Azraq Centre for Employment (ACE). She tells the ILO in her own words what it’s like to have regular work, an income and a new profession.

  10. © Leila Alaoui / ILO 2021


    Lebanon: Role play highlights rights and plights of domestic workers

    22 February 2018

    Many people believe that domestic work is not ‘real work’ and that standard working conditions do not apply. An ILO project in Lebanon is successfully changing the attitudes of those who employ domestic workers.