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  1. © Herald Post 2016

    5th anniversary of ILO Convention No 189

    Who cares for the carers?

    16 June 2016

    On International Domestic Workers’ Day, some good news on protecting vulnerable workers in the home - An OP-ED on the Domestic Workers Convention by Guy Ryder, ILO Director-General.

  2. World Day against Child Labour 2016

    End child labour in supply chains: It’s everyone’s business

    12 June 2016

    "Acting together, it is within our means to make the future of work a future without child labour," says ILO Director-General Guy Ryder on the occasion of World Day against Child Labour.

  3. World Day Against Child Labour - 12 June 2016

    End child labour in supply chains: It's everyone's business

    The focus of the 2016 World Day Against Child Labour is on child labour and supply chains. The ILO will mark the the day with an event held in Geneva on Wednesday 8 June.


  1. Yemen Return Migrants Survey

    The main objective of this survey is to gain insights into the profile of Yemeni migrants that were forcibly returned from KSA, how they migrated, what they experienced abroad, and what their employment prospects are back home. These insights in turn are hoped to contribute to evidence based employment and migration policies in Yemen.

  2. Women in Business and Management: gaining momentum in the Middle East and North Africa

    Women in the MENA region have been progressing in the economy, following similar global trends, and have been positioning themselves at more prominent business and management levels.

  3. Access to justice for migrant domestic workers in Lebanon

    This study analyzes the legal framework of immigration and employment in the sector of domestic work and traces the development of case law of criminal courts and Labour Arbitration Councils since 2000 in cases involving migrant domestic workers (MDWs) victims of labour exploitation.