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  1. Press release

    International labour standards conference in Jordan: Elimination of discrimination and violence against women key to empowerment

    17 August 2022

    Representatives of government, House of Representatives, employers, workers, and CSOs discuss means to promote decent working conditions for women

  2. Press release

    Building Iraq’s Social Protection Floor: Joint UN paper proposes recommendations to strengthen the adequacy, coverage and equity of the social protection system in Iraq

    17 August 2022

    The paper is part of efforts to facilitate the transition and reform of the social protection system in Iraq.

  3. International Youth Day

    Youth highlight importance of skills development for a better future

    12 August 2022

    On the occasion of International Youth Day, young women and men from Iraq, Jordan and Lebanon and refugees living in these countries, share their experiences and hopes for the future. ILO PROSPECTS is supporting them to build new skills for successful careers in their communities.


  1. Better Work Jordan | Phase IV Strategy (2022-2027)

    As Better Work Jordan enters its fourth phase, the programme aims to consolidate and expand on its achievements while simultaneously equipping the tripartite constituents in Jordan to take a leading role in maintaining and advancing these achievements.

  2. Synthesis of the crisis impact on the Lebanese labour market and potential business, employment and training opportunities

    This report is developed within the context of the UNICEF/ILO partnership joint programme “Towards improved formal and non-formal technical and vocational education and training in Lebanon” (2017-2022).

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