ILO in the Arab States

The ILO Regional Office for Arab States promotes decent work in the Levant and the Gulf, covering 11 countries: Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, UAE, Oman, Qatar and Bahrain. ILO activities in the occupied Palestinian territory are also part of the Regional Office portfolio.

What's new

  1. Palestinian Decent Work Programme

    Kuwait contributes US$500,000 to support ILO activities in the occupied Palestinian territory

    26 March 2015

    The State of Kuwait grants the International Labour Organization (ILO) half a million US dollars, bringing the State’s total contributions dedicated to promoting decent work and social justice in the occupied Palestinian territory and the Arab States to US$3.5 million since 2009.

  2. ILO Partnerships

    Members of g7+ to discuss creating jobs for peace through Fragile-to-Fragile Cooperation

    24 March 2015

    ILO and Konrad Adenauer Stiftung to take part in Brussels meeting on Fragile-to-Fragile Cooperation between countries moving into sustainable development

  3. © Saleh Jadallah/ILO 2015

    Gaza reconstruction / Unemployment

    Gaza conflict in 2014 caused hefty Palestinian job losses through destruction of workplaces and productive assets

    24 March 2015

    New ILO study assesses how the Israeli military operation during the latest Gaza conflict caused widespread “disemployment” in the Palestinian territory’s private sector through the destruction of land, structures, capital equipment and tools.


  1. Labour inspection in Arab states: progress and challenges

    This is a comparative overview of labour inspection systems in selected Arab countries. It compiles available information on practices and areas of progress. It also highlights major knowledge gaps and areas where improvement is needed in ensuring effective and modern labour administration and inspection systems.

  2. Labour inspection, gender equality and non-discrimination in the Arab states: guide book

    This guide book builds on a number of global and regional materials on gender equality, discrimination and labour inspections.

  3. Tricked and Trapped: Human Trafficking in the Middle East

    This study sheds light on the situation of trafficked adult workers in the Middle East, both women and men.