ILO in the Arab States

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    Rrefugee crisis

    International community must help host countries meet challenge of Syria refugee crisis

    As jobs and employment take centre stage in the global response to the Syria refugee crisis, ILO chief Guy Ryder visits Jordan to examine first-hand the effects of the massive refugee influx on the labour market, and to discuss employment options for refugees and the communities that host them.

  • Global unemployment projected to rise in both 2016 and 2017

    Despite falling unemployment levels in some developed economies, new analysis shows the global job crisis is not likely to end, especially in emerging economies.

  • Sustaining livelihoods in Gaza

    New skills and jobs for Gaza fishers

    An ILO training initiative gives a group of unemployed men from fishing families in the Gaza Strip a chance to learn new skills and increase their chances of employment in Gaza’s sea fishing sector, which is beset by severe restrictions on movement and trade.

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    ILO tackles child labour in agriculture in Lebanon

    An ILO “training of trainers” workshop took child labour practitioners to the heart of the fertile Beqaa Valley, to witness first-hand some of the hazards of child labour in agriculture.

The ILO Regional Office for Arab States promotes decent work in the Levant and the Gulf, covering 11 countries: Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, UAE, Oman, Qatar and Bahrain. ILO activities in the occupied Palestinian territory are also part of the Regional Office portfolio.

What's new

  1. CNN's "Quest Means Business"

    Guy Ryder talks jobs for Syrian refugees with Richard Quest

    04 February 2016

    90% of refugees in Jordan live in poverty. Guy Ryder, the Director-General of the ILO, says that there is a consensus that we need to find legal pathways for refugees into local labour markets. It is possible to combine the interests of local workers and Syrian refugees.

  2. Associated Press

    Including jobs and livelihoods in Syria Donor Conference encouraging, says ILO

    03 February 2016

    By including jobs, livelihoods and education in its agenda, the Syria Donor Conference in London will help address urgent developmental as well as humanitarian needs, ILO Director-General Guy Ryder tells the Associated Press. (Begins at 2:56)

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    Women offer untapped economic potential for the MENA region, ILO report finds

    01 February 2016

    A new ILO study showcases practical solutions on how the MENA region, which has the lowest global representation for women in management and leadership positions, can capitalize on the potential women offer for the region’s economic development.


  1. Yemen Labour Force Survey 2013-2014

    The Labour Force Survey (LFS) for Yemen was carried out by the Central Statistical Organization of Yemen under the supervision of Ministry of Labour and with the assistance of the ILO. The LFS generated representative data on employment, unemployment and other vital labour indicators at the national level and at the level of governorates of Yemen.

  2. Access to justice for migrant domestic workers in Lebanon

    This study analyzes the legal framework of immigration and employment in the sector of domestic work and traces the development of case law of criminal courts and Labour Arbitration Councils since 2000 in cases involving migrant domestic workers (MDWs) victims of labour exploitation.

  3. Towards Decent Work in Lebanon: Issues and Challenges in Light of the Syrian Refugee Crisis

    The objective of this report is to review labour market and employment conditions and focuses on both the quantity and quality of jobs in Lebanon in the wake of the Syrian refugee crisis.