ILO in the Arab States

What's new

  1. Press release

    Promoting Formal Employment in Arab States (Jordan, Lebanon, and Iraq): Transition from Informal to Formal Economy

    20 September 2019

    ILOITC training examines informal employment in the Arab region, in particular in the context of crisis- impacted countries such as Lebanon, Iraq and Jordan and offers a platform to discuss ways to promote formal employment and enterprises, to achieve decent work and SDGs.

  2. Event

    Invitation to Bid: Tender ITB No 64/2019 Construction of 6.7 km of agricultural roads including drainage structures and 325m of reinforced concrete retaining walls in Marjeyoun Municipality.

    Tender ILO/EIIP ITB No 64/2019 Construction of Agricultural Roads and Retaining Walls in Marjeyoun Municipality and invitation to pre-qualification training.

  3. Labour migration

    ILO launches Global Media Competition on Labour Migration

    12 September 2019

    The competition aims at encouraging quality reporting on labour migration to better protect migrant workers’ rights.


  1. Guidelines for Non-Formal Market-Based Skills Training in Lebanon

    These guidelines are intended to support non-formal vocational training providers in Lebanon, with specific guidance on how to improve the market relevance and employment impact of their programmes. They were designed in a participatory way in order to increase “ownership” among stakeholders and to facilitate usage in Lebanon.

  2. Lessons Learned and Emerging Good Practices of ILO’s Syria Crisis Response in Jordan and Lebanon

    This report synthesizes the lessons learned and emerging good practices from the ILO ROAS interventions to promote decent work amongst Syrian refugees and host communities.

  3. Potential Opportunities for Women’s Economic Empowerment - Potato and Leafy Green Vegetable Value Chains

    The assessment examines the status of women in the potatoes and leafy green vegetables value chains in Lebanon's Akkar region.