ILO in the Arab States

The ILO Regional Office for Arab States promotes decent work in the Levant and the Gulf, covering 11 countries: Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, UAE, Oman, Qatar and Bahrain. ILO activities in the occupied Palestinian territory are also part of the Regional Office portfolio.

What's new

  1. Decent work for domestic workers

    ILO hosts workshop on domestic worker monitoring mechanisms in Arab states

    The two-day workshop brings together officials and social workers from Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon and Bahrain to discuss global best practices to monitor domestic work as well as devise strategies to implement country-specific reforms

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    Child Labour Survey

    ILO and constituents launch the Jordan National Child Labour Survey for 2015-2016

    The survey will be a successor to the Jordan Child Labour Survey implemented by the Department of Statistics of Jordan in 2007-2008.

  3. Apprenticeship System

    Toward a National Apprenticeship System in Jordan

    ILO, training providers, employers and workers organisations meet to discuss the development of a national apprenticeships model for the country.


  1. Demographic and Labour Market Trends in Yemen

    A background paper to frame the interface between the youth employment challenge and the national migration policy.

  2. Children Living and Working on the Streets in Lebanon

    The study provides the Government of Lebanon and non-governmental organizations with evidence-based research on the magnitude and profile of children living or working in the streets of Lebanon, and their socioeconomic situation.

  3. Manual on Skills Testing and Certification: Jordan

    This manual contains the minimum requirements for skills testing and certification processes in Jordan. It does not constitute an academic curriculum on assessment methods but is expected to be used as a core reference by test developers and assessors and all those concerned with skills testing in the country, at least for the first three occupational levels.