June 2012

  1. Enhancing NGO and Media Engagement in the Campaign for Migrant Domestic Workers’ Rights

    20 - 22 June 2012

    Over the last 6 years, civil society organizations (CSOs) have launched campaigns to sensitize the Lebanese public to the working and living conditions of women migrant domestic workers (WMDWs) in Lebanon. These campaigns have portrayed WMDWs as victims in need of protection and their employers as tormentors in need of self-restraint.

  2. World Day Against Child Labour

    12 June 2012

    Each year on 12 June, the International Labour Organization (ILO) calls on its member States and the international community to identify ways and means of putting the spotlight on global efforts to eliminate child labour. This year, the World Day Against Child Labour will focus on child labour elimination as an integral component of the broader human rights and social justice framework, specifically the protection of all children from all violations of their fundamental human rights.

May 2012

  1. Social Protection Floor in Jordan

    29 May 2012

    The International Labour Organization (ILO) and the Social Security Corporation in Jordan will be organizing in collaboration with UNICEF and WHO a national conference on the Establishment of a Social Protection Floor in Jordan on Tuesday 29 May 2012 at the Social Security Corporation premises (Amman, Mecca Street), to assist the Government of Jordan in the progressive extension of social protection measures through introducing the social protection floor initiative.

  2. Regional Workshop on "Women in Business and Management"

    15 - 17 May 2012

    The ILO Bureau for Employers’ Activities (ACT/EMP) in collaboration with ILO Regional Office for Arab States is organizing a regional workshop for representatives of the employers' organizations in the Middle-East and North Africa on "Women in Business and Management".

April 2012

  1. National Consultation on Youth Employment in Jordan

    9 April 2012

    The International Labour Organization (ILO) and the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) will be organizing a national consultation on youth employment in Amman on Thursday 19 April 2012 at the ECOSOC premises (Shmeisani), in a bid to map out current activities, and identify potential synergies.

  2. Roundtable Meeting on the Results of the Labour Force Survey among Palestinian Refugees in Lebanon

    5 April 2012

    The objective of the meeting is to have focused deliberations over the labour force survey results, come up with suggestions and recommendations for best utilization of this data and brainstorm ideas and key messages for an advocacy campaign towards Palestinians' right to work.

March 2012

  1. Expert Meeting on Youth Employment in the Arab States

    12 - 13 March 2012

    ILO and Friedrich Ebert Stiftung will be organizing a two-day expert meeting on youth employment, aiming at raising awareness on the urgency of promoting decent work for youth.

  2. Moving Towards a Child Labour Free Jordan

    11 March 2012

    The Child Labour project that will be launched in Amman is a key element of the new Decent Work Country Programme (2012-2015). It is built on the premise that the twin goals of eradicating child labour and enforcing the right to education for all are achievable in Jordan within a relatively short time frame.

  3. Launching of the Jordan Decent Work Country Programme

    11 March 2012

    Jordan was the first country in the Arab region to sign a Decent Work Country Programme (DWCP) in 2006. The new DWCP for the period 2012-2015 articulates the strategic framework for ILO interventions at the national level. The goal of the DWCP is to support national initiatives aimed at reducing decent work deficits, and strengthening national capacity to mainstream decent work in social and economic policies.

February 2012

  1. ILO hosts Atayeb Palestine charity lunch at Tawlet, as part of the Palestinian Women's Economic Empowerment Project

    26 February 2012

    ILO and Souk Al Tayeb will be organizing a charity lunch featuring traditional Palestinian dishes prepared by women from the Ain al-Helwe and Nahr al-Bared camps. The event aims to revive Palestinian food traditions and raise funds to support Palestinian entrepreneurs to access markets outside the camps.