April 2013

  1. Palestinian Healthcare in Lebanon: Financial and Legal Challenges

    19 April 2013

    A preliminary financial assessment on the cost of providing healthcare coverage under the Social Security Fund for Palestinian refugees working in the formal economy in addition to the proposals for legal amendments relating to social security will be presented and discussed in an expert meeting on 19 April 2013.

  2. Better Work Jordan - 5th International Buyers’ Forum

    17 April 2013

    This one-day event will be the fifth annual International Buyers' Forum for Better Work Jordan, which is part of the ILO-International Finance Corporation's Better Work global programme.

  3. Rethinking informal Economy in the Arab Region: a Human Rights-Based Approach

    16 - 18 April 2013

    The three-day workshop is an ILO - UN Development Group collaboration towards improving social and economic rights in the Arab region. While countries are looking at sound socio-economic policies that take into consideration the evolving situation in the region, the ILO and UNDP believe there is a need to keep high on the agenda the issue of informal economy.

  4. 40th Session of the Arab Labor Conference

    15 - 22 April 2013

    ILO Director General Mr. Guy Ryder and ILO Regional Director for Arab States Ms. Nada al-Nashif at the Arab Labor Conference.

  5. Regional Tripartite Conference to Combat Human Trafficking

    9 - 10 April 2013

    A two-day regional tripartite conference on ways to combat human trafficking in the Middle East and to present the findings of an ILO research project that maps human trafficking across the region.

  6. Launch of the National Policy on HIV and the World of Work

    8 April 2013

    This one-day press conference that is sponsored by the ILO and held under the patronage of the Jordanian Ministry of Labour and Ministry of health will launch the National tripartite Policy on HIV/AIDS and the world of the work in Jordan.

  7. Workshop on the Federation of Palestinian Chambers of Commerce and Industry assessment report

    3 - 4 April 2013

    In June 2012, the ILO regional project to strengthen Employers’ Organizations and Chambers of Commerce and Industry in the Arab region initiated activities to increase the policy capacity of participating organizations to engage in evidence based dialogue to create an enabling environment for sustainable enterprise and employment.

March 2013

  1. Jordan Consultation on post-2015 agenda and economic growth

    13 March 2013

    The International Labour Organization and the United Nations Development Programme are holding a consultation workshop on the findings of the report Rethinking Economic Growth: Towards Productive and Inclusive Arab Societies in light of progress towards the attainment of the Millennium Development Goals in Jordan.

  2. Skill Testing and Certification in Jordan-Requirements for Improvement

    5 March 2013

    Curricula developers, skills testing specialists and relevant institutions identify ways to improve skill and occupational testing in Jordan.

  3. International Labour Standards Reporting in Kuwait

    3 - 5 March 2013

    A national tripartite workshop to enhance Kuwait’s ability to report on the application of international labour standards.