March 2013

  1. International Labour Standards Reporting in Kuwait

    3 - 5 March 2013

    A national tripartite workshop to enhance Kuwait’s ability to report on the application of international labour standards.

  2. Assessing Cooperatives: Palestinian Ministry of Labour Training

    1 March - 30 April 2013

    The ILO hosts training sessions for Palestinian Ministry of Labour cooperative extensions workers

  3. Workshop for Media on how and what to cover in child labour issues in Lebanon

    1 March 2013

    In collaboration with the Child Labour Unit in the Ministry of Labour in Lebanon, the ILO Regional Office for Arab States is coordinating a workshop for media persons and outlets on how and what to cover in child labour issues in Lebanon.

February 2013

  1. Regulating private recruitment agencies

    25 February 2013

    Roundtable discussion on a new draft law to regulate private recruitment agencies in Lebanon in line with international labour standards.

  2. Identifying and Responding to Cases of Trafficking and Forced Labour

    18 - 20 February 2013

    Jordanian law enforcement officials are attending a training programme organised by the ILO in Amman to better identify, investigate and respond to cases of forced labour and human trafficking.

  3. ILO and UNDP "Rethink Economic Growth" for Arab social justice

    8 February 2013

    The International Labour Organization and the United Nations Development Programme will launch the report "Rethinking Economic Growth: Towards Productive and Inclusive Arab Societies" on Tuesday 5 February at 1100gmt.

  4. Women and Trade Unions: decent Work through Organizing

    4 - 6 February 2013

    Arab women trade unionists, seeking a greater role in workers’ organizations, will convene a regional workshop in Lebanon entitled: "Women and trade unions in Arab countries: Decent work through organizing".

January 2013

  1. National Employment Office to launch E-Labour Exchange

    25 January 2013

    The National Employment Office (NEO) and the ILO to unveil an electronic labour exchange which enables jobseekers to access online information on job opportunities and occupational data, and links them to employers.

  2. Yemen reveals results of first national child labour survey

    14 January 2013

    Government, worker, employer, civil society and donor representatives will discuss the findings of the 2010 National Child Labour Survey in Yemen and chart the way forward for future programmes to combat child labour.

December 2012

  1. Club de Madrid Annual Conference: Harnessing 21st Century Solutions: A Focus on Women

    18 December 2012

    ILO Regional Director for the Arab States is chairing the session "Women in the MENA Region: Towards a New Social Contract" at the Club de Madrid Annual Conference, featuring interventions from women leaders from Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Jordan.