Decent Work Country Policy Analysis for Lebanon: Launch of Consultative Process

The ILO and the Ministry of Labour in Lebanon will jointly launch a consultative process to discuss the opportunities and challenges for Decent Work in Lebanon towards promoting job creation, increasing productivity and wages, and enhancing social protection.

A one-day consultative meeting between the ILO and the Ministry of Labour in Lebanon will bring together representatives from employers' and workers' organizations, other ministries, practitioners and experts. This first meeting will present its initial findings and thoughts to stakeholders and expert group and will seek (a) advice regarding areas to be explored, analytical and statistical gaps to be addressed and (b) guidance regarding next steps and likely policy directions.


The objective of the report is to assist the Ministry of Labour:

  • Integrate and mainstream labour and social protection policies in the broader Government program;
  • Prioritize policies and programs within the Ministry of Labour;
  • Design a Decent Work Country Programme which would place the support to the Ministry and social partners by ILO, and more broadly by other agencies, within a consistent employment and social protection framework.

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