ILO hosts briefing on labour migration for senior editors and directors at Jordan News Agency

The briefing focuses on principles for rights-based, ethical and gender-sensitive reporting on labour migration in Jordan

Event Summary

Senior editors and news directors from Jordan News Agency (Petra) meet for a briefing on labour migration and migrant workers’ rights in Jordan.

The purpose of the session is to brief participants on the key principles for reporting on labour and migration issues in Jordan in a rights-based, accurate and gender-sensitive manner. Key areas of discussion will include:
  • International labour standards;
  • Jordan’s labour market and the role of migrant workers and refugee workers within it;
  • Challenges in vulnerable sectors, including garment manufacturing, agriculture, domestic work and construction;
  • Key principles of ethical journalism within the context of migrant workers, forced labour and human trafficking;
  • Guidelines on the use of data, images and video; and
  • The role of editors and directors in framing and publishing stories in a rights-based manner.

This briefing is coordinated by the ILO Regional Fair Migration Project in the Middle East (FAIRWAY), with support from the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC). The FAIRWAY project works to promote fair migration (including fair recruitment) and the elimination of forced labour and trafficking for labour exploitation. To address discriminatory attitudes and actions towards migrant workers, the project works to sensitize the public on the rights of migrant workers, potential issues of abuse and fair migration solutions through partnerships with the media.