The Kuwait Chamber of Commerce and Industry hosts discussion on migrant workers in the construction sector

Construction sector members of the KCCI meet to share experiences and best practices in the promotion of worker welfare in the construction sector.

Event Summary

The Kuwait Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) members from the construction, realty and engineering sectors will meet to share dialogue and good practices on ensuring fair recruitment and decent working conditions for migrant construction workers.

ILO research has found that the low-skilled migrant construction workers in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries face risks relating to flawed recruitment, late payment of wages, dangerous working and living conditions and may have limited access to effective dispute resolution. These factors can leave workers vulnerable to labour exploitation (including forced labour) and impede the overall efficiency of the construction industry. A particular area of concern is the trend towards extensive subcontracting and to the outsourcing of labour requirements to labour supply companies. 

This roundtable discussion provides a forum for the sharing of experiences, challenges, and for the setting of recommendations for improvements to the industry.

The FAIRWAY project is a regional initiative to support employers in the construction sector to monitor and improve the conditions of vulnerable migrant workers. The FAIRWAY project facilitates dialogue and develops tools and guidelines to support reforms in line with international labour standards.