The ILO to hold a round table discussion on working conditions of domestic workers in the Occupied Palestinian Territory

The ILO, in collaboration with the National Women’s Employment Committee (NWEC), will present the findings of the “Domestic Work Policy Brief: a first look at Palestine’s domestic workers and how to better protect them” and discuss with the various participants a plan of action to follow up

Responding to the need to better understand the impact of the recently issued Executive Regulation No.2 regulating the employment of domestic workers, the ILO has conducted a study that offers for the first time reliable information on domestic work in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT). Using both a quantitative and qualitative approach, the study highlights the need to better protect domestic workers, particularly by reviewing and promoting an increased enforcement of the labour law and regulations.

Tripartite constituents, researchers and academics, UN agencies and NGOs working on women’s issues are invited to a round table discussion to be held in the Ministry of Labour to discuss the policy brief and agree on a plan of action for work needed in the field of domestic work in the OPT.