Planning workshop ahead of launch of My Fair Home campaign in Lebanon and Jordan

Civil society and workers’ organizations meet with the ILO to devise implementation of the campaign targeting employers of migrant domestic workers.

A one-day workshop will be held with civil society and workers’ organizations from Lebanon and Jordan to devise a regional campaign targeting employers of migrant domestic workers.

Recent ILO research has revealed that many restrictions placed on domestic workers by their employers, such as withholding of wages, preventing the domestic worker from communicating with friends and family, and not allowing the domestic worker to leave the house on a day off, were specifically linked to negative perceptions about migrant women and the occupation of domestic work. Alongside important legislative and policy reform, advocacy to reduce discriminatory attitudes and actions by employers is essential.

The My Fair Home campaign is a global initiative of the ILO and the International Domestic Workers Federation, and has been endorsed by the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC). The advocacy campaign aims to elicit attitudinal and behavioural change among employers of domestic workers to improve the working relationship and ensure decent work. Domestic workers’ organisations from all over the world use the My Fair Home campaign as a tool for awareness raising, policy advocacy and organising. The campaign has yet to initiate activities in the Middle East.

The workshop will serve as a forum for civil society and workers’ organizations to:
  • discuss recent research into employers of migrant domestic workers,
  • share experiences in reaching out to employers and devising advocacy campaigns,
  • develop key messages and strategies for the implementation of the campaign in the region.