ILO holds regional workshop on good practices in combating child labour

Employer, worker, government and NGO representatives from the region gather to discuss good practices in tackling child labour.

The ILO and Jordanian national partners will hold a workshop for regional countries on good practices in tackling child labour. The workshop will focus on Jordan’s policy and capacity development efforts to address child labour, and its experience in implementing the National Framework to Combat Child Labour (NFCL), which outlines the roles and responsibilities for the Ministries of Labour, Social Development and Education to identify cases of child labourers, withdraw them from work, provide them with appropriate education and social services and follow up cases through monitoring.

Participants will include employer, worker and government representatives as well as NGO officials from Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, Yemen, the occupied Palestinian territory and Tunisia.

The workshop will examine a number of practices implemented in Jordan aimed at combating child labour, which have led to tangible results. The workshop will also look at how these examples can be replicated in various other contexts and countries in the region.

Through its US-funded ‘’Moving Towards A Child Labour Free Jordan’’ project, the ILO is working with national partners to implement the NFCL. This has led to a number of achievements, including the development of a Child Labour Monitoring System (CLMS) and database to serve as an information-sharing platform on child labour cases; creating effective tools for child labour inspections; linking child labour to youth employment; and broadening the core coalition to include new partners in tackling the issue in Jordan.