Child labour

Jordan expands rollout of its National Framework to Combat Child Labour

Jordanian ministries, supported by the ILO, meet with inspectors from across the country to review their implementation of the National Framework, in efforts to expand rollout activities

The Ministries of Labour, Education and Social Development, in collaboration with the ILO, will hold a series of workshops with their child labour focal points in a number of governorates across Jordan to develop and expand the rollout of the National Framework to Combat Child Labour. This initiative comes as part of an ILO-IPEC project “Moving Towards a Child Labour Free Jordan”. The project has so far supported the pilot implementation of the National Framework in six out of a total of thirteen governorates in Jordan since March 2013 and will be rolled out in another five governorates in 2015.

The workshops will orientate inspectors on the National Framework to Combat Child Labour and provide practical guidelines on how to implement it at the governorate level, in light of the successes and challenges of the pilot implementation of the National Framework. They will also be trained on using the child labour monitoring system - an information-sharing platform on child labour cases, which is being piloted in a number of areas.

Discussions from these interactive workshops will contribute to identifying future technical assistance needed to support national partners in their implementation of the Framework. The results will also feed into the amendment of the National Framework.

The Child Labour Unit of the Ministry of Labour as well as the focal points from the other two ministries have played a key role in advancing the National Framework pilot implementation activities on the ground.