Labour migration

Arab and Asian labour migration experts frame fair migration agenda

Labour migration specialists from the Arab States and countries of migrant workers origin gather to formulate a common fair labour migration strategy.

Labour migration specialists from Arab and Asian nations will meet in Kathmandu, Nepal as part of an effort to formulate a common strategy for a fair migration agenda between both regions. The meeting will review and assess key labour migration issues based a background paper drafted for the event. Outcomes of the discussions will then feed into an outcome report. Participants will then use the report as a basis for consultations with respective governments--as well as workers and employers organizations--to build consensus around a workable action plan to be agreed upon during an ministerial-level meeting in late-2015.

The five key areas specialists will consider are:
  • Recruitment methods;
  • decent employment and working conditions;
  • skills recognition of potential and returning workers;
  • development impact of migration; and
  • partnerships between governments and social partners.